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Council discusses Highland Manor sale

Port Hardy council debates what approach to take to Highland Manor after sale.
North Island Gazette file photo of Port Hardy council

The sale of Highland Manor to the team who own Creekside Apartments came up at Port Hardy’s Feb. 23 meeting of council.

“It’s my understanding Highland Manor has been sold to the owner of Creekside, and Norm (Port Hardy’s Building Technology/Inspection Bylaw Enforcement) is in contact with them about the deficiencies of the buildings,” stated Coun. Leightan Wishart. “I think we should let things play out for a month or so and make sure things are moving before we take any actions to become a heavy handed council.”

“Any comments with regards to that?” asked Mayor Dennis Dugas.

“Actually I disagree,” said Coun. Pat Corbett-Labatt. “If it’s a fire hazard, it’s a fire hazard. When the new owners bought it, they bought it as a fire hazard. Letting things just fly doesn’t help the tenants that are in there. I think it needs to go forward just as it’s been going forward.”

“I’m not suggesting we let anything slide,” countered Wishart. “Norm is already involved with this guy [Creekside owner] and had discussions with him. What I’m saying is instead of council getting involved, let Norm work it out with the owner and if things aren’t going well then council can get heavy handed. I think we should leave it in the hands of Norm to deal with all of the deficiencies of the building. I’m not suggesting we leave the building unsafe, it needs to be tended to.”

Dugas asked Chief Administrative Officer Heather Nelson-Smith for her thoughts on the issue, and she responded by saying there may be some requests coming forward from the property owner, due to the fact they just purchase the building. “We have stressed our importance on the safety issues regarding the fire [regulations], there’s been some traction made already, however, if there’s going to be any request for extension, I will ask that it come forward to council, I do not feel comfortable as an administrator to take that on without council having a say.”

Nelson-Smith added if an order came from council it would then have to come back to council to be rectified.

Dugas thanked her for the information and council moved on to the next agenda item.

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