An eagle crash-lands through the window of the patio area at I.V.'s Pub in Port Hardy

An eagle crash-lands through the window of the patio area at I.V.'s Pub in Port Hardy

Eagle makes an entrance

An eagle crashes through a window at I.V.'s Pub this week

Staff and patrons at I.V.’s Pub got a shock this week when an eagle crashed through a window into the patio area.

Trista Williamson, who was working at the time, explained what happened.

“I just heard a big crash and my first thought was that a car had hit the building or something,” she said. “I went out to look and there was glass everywhere and this eagle.”

Williamson said she initially thought the eagle was dead as it did not move but as she got closer it flexed a claw and she realized the young bird was stunned but alive.

“I closed the door and asked everyone to stay out in case it was trapped there and went to call the conservation officer,” she explained.

As she went to the phone, however, a tourist couldn’t resist going to snap a shot. When he approached the panicked eagle, it shook itself free of the shattered pane and flew off.

The staff inspected the break inside and out and say that there was no blood but there was a piece of fish by the break. Their guess is that the young bird was fleeing competition after scoring a nice hunk of fish when it made its dramatic entrance.

Staff then went to work cleaning up the patio area, while glaziers patched the broken window.

There were reports that the bird was later seen in the area of the marina, looking somewhat the worse for wear.

Williamson pointed out that, while it was unfortunate that the young bird was injured, at least no customers were in the area.

“It was lucky that no one was in the patio section,” she said. “Imagine if someone was sitting in there when it hit.”