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Michael Dunahee remains missing 31 years after Victoria kidnapping

If found today, Dunahee would be 35 years old
An age-enhanced sketch released on the 30th anniversary of Michael Dunahee’s disappearance shows what he may look like in 2021. (Courtesy of VicPD)

The case of Michael Dunahee, the blonde-haired little boy who went missing from a Victoria playground without a trace, remains unsolved 31 years later.

Dunahee was four years old on March 24, 1991, when his parents Crystal and Bruce took him and his baby sister Caitlin to the then Blanshard Elementary School to watch his mom’s flag football game. Walking their things down to the field, Crystal and Bruce left Dunahee to play at the school playground for a few moments.

By the time they looked back, he was gone.

In the days, weeks and months that followed, a multi-police department search ensued – the scale of which hadn’t been seen before in Canada. Despite thousands of tips and countless hours of investigations, no sign of Dunahee has ever been found.

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On the 31st anniversary of his disappearance, Dunahee’s case remains open.

A recent podcast, called Missing Michael, by independent journalist Laura Palmer, digs deeper into his story. Palmer’s podcast reveals the Victoria Police Department has a list of active suspects but still lacks the evidence to point to one as the culprit.

Palmer speaks with Dunahee’s family, people who were at the school the day he went missing, and the investigators who continue to follow his case. All of them maintain that until a body is found, Dunahee could still be alive.

He would be 35 years old today.

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