North Island Gazette file photo of Port McNeill council.

North Island Gazette file photo of Port McNeill council.

Port McNeill council approves purchase of new pumper truck

Fort Garry’s bid came in at $22,832 below budget

Port McNeill council approved the purchase of a new pumper truck from Fort Garry Fire Trucks.

At council’s Aug. 24 meeting, a report from Chief Administrative Officer Pete Nelson-Smith was included in the agenda, which noted that “as part of the 2021 budget, the town put aside $552,760 toward a new pumper truck to replace pumper #3, which has come to the end of its useful lifespan in 2022.”

Nelson-Smith’s report then stated that a Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued requesting bids and specifications for a replacement truck, either new one or a used, fitting the required specifications.

Port McNeill received five proposals in response to the RFP, which were:

Commercial Emergency Equipment Company – Commercial Chassis – $557,760;

Commercial Emergency Equipment Company – Custom Chassis – $781,760;

Fort Garry Fire Trucks – $529,928;

Hub Fire Engines – $547,645; and

Rocky Mountain Phoenix – (price does not include some specifications) $475,052.

According to the report, Fire Chief Dean Tait and the [Port McNeill Fire Rescue] officers reviewed the five proposals submitted, over a two week period.

“Using the RFP specified Proposal Evaluation Points System, the team have determined that Fort Garry has provided the best value for the Town of Port McNeill.”

Fort Garry’s bid came in at $22,832 below budget ($529,928). If approved by council, it should arrive by September of 2022.

Nelson-Smith’s report concluded by stating that the Town of Port McNeill should ward the purchase of a new 2022 Freightliner Pumper Truck to Fort Garry Fire Trucks, as per the submitted proposal.

Council unanimously approved the purchase.


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