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Forest Stewardship Plan Amendment - Nuxalk Forestry Limited Partnership


Notice is hereby given that the Nuxalk Forestry Limited Partnership are now inviting comments on a proposed Major Amendment to their Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP), written to incorporate changes made to comply with the July 27, 2023, Great Bear Rainforest Land Use Objective Order (GBRO). Nuxalk Forestry has included amended results and strategies describing how they will manage the resources for the objectives established in the GBRO amendment.

The FSP amendment changes cover Nuxalk Forestry’s Non-Replaceable Forest Licence A87259 and Community Forest Agreement K3H within the Great Bear Rainforest Central and North Coast Order Area and within the North Island – Central Coast Forest District.

The FSP amendment will be available for review and written comment for a 60-day period, starting on the date this advertisement is first published. We wish to invite all members of the public, Guide Outfitters, Trappers and all other stakeholders or interested parties to review the FSP amendment, discuss any particular results and/or strategies in more detail and to provide written comments.

To ensure consideration, written comments must be received no later than March 22, 2024, Nuxalk Forestry may not be able to consider comments received after this date.

The FSP will be available for viewing during normal business hours from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (excluding lunch hour and holidays), Monday through Friday at the following location:

Nuxalk Forestry Limited Partnership

Administration Office

P.O. Box 852

Bella Coola, B.C., V0T 1C0

Alternately, if you wish to make an appointment to discuss the FSP in more detail or provide written comments, please address all comments to or contact:

Ione Brown, RPF

Hecate Integrated Resources Ltd

Email: | Phone: 1 250 902-9604