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LEGAL NOTICE - Kvamua Forestry Services Ltd, Forest Operations Maps


Kvamua Forestry Services Ltd hereby publishes notice that two Forest Operations Maps, (FOM), FOM#1365 and FOM#1366 are publicly available for review and comment.

This FOMs are available for review via the following avenues:

1) Viewable on the BC Government online portal:

2) At the office of Capacity Forest Management Ltd, located at 1761 Redwood Street, Campbell River, BC, V9W 3K7. (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm except holidays)

The public review and comment period for these FOMs will be for 30 days after first publication of this notice, beginning April 10th, 2024 and ending May 10th, 2024. The FOMs may be relied upon for road permit and cutting permit applications for a period of 3 years, ending April 10th 2027.

Comments may be submitted via the following response methods:

• Online, via the BC Government portal (web address listed above)

• Via email, sent to

• In person, by visiting the Capacity Forest Management Ltd office, as above

• By mail, sent to the Capacity Forest Management Ltd office, as above

Please reference the applicable FOM# when commenting

Please be advised that any comments received for these FOMs will be considered part of the public record.