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Pesticide Permit Application No. 877-0011-23-26

Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. #106 – 1180 Ironwood Street, Campbell River, BC V9W 5P7, (250) 286 0838, email:

Notice is given that the pest control product Interox® Paramove® 50 (active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2) will be used in the marine environment for the topical removal of sea lice from aquaculture fish. Registration Number: 31393 Pest Control Products Act PMRA. Paramove® 50 will only be used in accordance with the directions as per the product label and the PRMA. Paramove® 50 will take place in either a well boat or a tarp designed specifically for this purpose.

The treatment locations are Crown land leases located in Esperanza Inlet near Zeballos on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The Crown land leases File number 1404968 (Lutes Creek) and 1411181 (Esperanza).

The proposed start date is October 1, 2023. The treatments will be veterinarian prescribed with intermittent use. The proposed duration of use is approximately three years ending September 30, 2026.

Detailed maps of the specific treatment areas or the permit can be examined at Grieg Seafood BC Ltd (address above), or visit

Any person wishing to receive permitted pesticide use and related integrated pest management information about the planned treatment is invited to contact Grieg Seafood at the address or phone number noted above Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 – 4:30.

A person wishing to contribute information about the treatment area for the evaluation of this permit application must send copies of the information to both the applicant at the address above and the administrator under the Integrated Pest Management Act at within 30 days of the publication of this notice.

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