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Notice of Proposed TELUS Telecommunications Facility & Open House


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Notice of Proposed TELUS Telecommunications Facility & Open House

Description: As part of the consultation process, TELUS is inviting the community to comment on a telecommunications facility proposal consisting of a 35m monopole tower with a 3m lightning rod, and a fenced equipment compound in order to provide dependable wireless data and voice communication services to the community of Heiltsuk First Nation and surrounding areas of Bella Bella.

Location of Proposal: 212 N. Wabalisla Street, Bella Bella

Coordinates: N 52.16331, W 128.145818

Open House Details:

Location: 220 Wabalisla St (Community Hall)

Date & Time: September 14th, 2023, 1:00 – 3:00pm (drop in anytime between 1 and 3pm)

Location Map of Proposed Tower

[gps-image name="33781182_web1_230901-NIG-PublicNotice-TelusTower-Map_1.jpg"]

For More Information:

Contact TELUS Communications Inc. at:

Kristina Bell

c/o Cypress Land Services

Agents to TELUS Communications Inc.

Suite 1051, 409 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2

Tel: 604.620.0877


The public is welcome to comment on the proposal by the end of the business day on October 14th, 2023, with respect to this matter.

TELUS File: BC153008