Brady Field

August 8, 2019
A shock to all, Brady Field recently passed away in his sleep at home on Malcolm Island. Brady was a fiercely independent and practical man whose sawmill helped build and improve many island homes. He was a perfect fit with the island’s rugged and unique lifestyle. A consummate storyteller, Brady was also a contrarian who could take both sides of an argument. He steadfastly encouraged listeners to consider an alternate point of view during discussions of any subject.
Brady’s deep love of children was legendary and an example to us all. Whether rolling in the grass with a toddler or putting a consoling arm around a teenager, his ability to connect with kids was amazing. Parents often looked on with astonishment as their child started giggling within seconds of meeting Brady.
An avid and skilled player for many years, Brady was passionate about the game of baseball. He coached multiple generations of Malcolm Island players, successfully passing on his love of the game.
Brady was a thoroughly independent soul, with practical values that drove his thoughts, actions and habits. He made us think, laugh, and love.

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