Kudos to United Steelworkers

Good on the United Steelworkers for standing strong for Canadian Jobs.

Dear editor,

Good on the United Steelworkers for standing strong for Canadian Jobs. Where is the B.C. Federation of Labour’s big guy, Jim Sinclair, on this foreign workers issue?

There should be many more unions involved in a much bigger protest to keep foreign workers from depleting and eroding our jobs. If we are going to extract and sell our resources, then jobs and good wages should be given balanced consideration with corporations’ ability to generate profits.

We need to protect our decent-paying private sector jobs, and it is entirely doable. The corporations should expect to have to pony up some funds to help train local workers along with the union journeymen’s programs, etc. as necessary.

Christy Clark has a big “BC Jobs Plan”, with a $5.7 million add campaign wasting our heavy deficit tax dollars to brag about it. Then our genius Premier condones imports of unskilled Chinese workers to displace and undermine our jobs by $10 to $17 an hour.

Oh I know, let’s import some cheap labour to take our jobs? Our Langley MLAs Rich Coleman and Mary Pollack should apologize for being silent on this nonsense. The BC Liberals are becoming a joke and have some serious explaining to do.

As a fiscal conservative I have some issues with some unions like their accountability, reporting transparency of funds, etc. But they serve a useful purpose and I want them all to be strong on this issue. Ever wonder why they call it common sense when it’s so uncommon?

Roland Seguin

Langley, BC