Teacher applauds the North Island Gazette FSA article

A Port Moody teacher says thanks to the North Island Gazette for an article pointing out the strengths, limitations and misuses of the Foundation Skills Assessment tests. She has a caution for parents who read to much into the ranking of schools based on the FSA results. See Feb. 100 edition of the Gazette, page 9, Fraser Institute ranks only one local school.

Dear editor,

Thank you for your article about the Foundation Skills Assessment tests. I am a teacher and am currently on maternity leave. My neighbours and I are continuously talking about our local school, our children, and future plans. The topic of schooling has become heated based on the FSA test scores and the low “achievement” of the local school. Some parents are moving based entirely on these scores, yet their understanding is limited. Thank you for writing a clear piece that will hopefully shed some light for those not in the education field.

Rebekah Khan

Port Moody