Tip or tax?

A trip to a local restaurant leaves one resident with a bad taste in his mouth.

I went out for dinner at a local establishment with family. After enjoying an OK meal we received the bill to discover the “tip” was already included at 15 per cent. When questioning this I was told it says on the front of the menu that this will be done, so I have no choice but to pay it.

Really? I was also told that it was added in to ensure the waitresses got paid enough for larger parties. I thought a tip was given when the service, food, etc., was good, not a mandatory payment. I am always one to give a tip when deserved.

Is it not the employer’s responsibility to pay their workers (and) not impose a tax (tip) to cover their expenses?

The way I see it, if you have no choice to pay it is a tax, not a tip. Giving a tip should be my choice; otherwise, it is a tax. Guess we don’t pay taxes anymore; we just give the government a tip.

I will definitely think twice about eating there again. Tip or tax? What do you think?

Tim Bird

Port Hardy