Lingcod Fishing has arrived

Lingcod Fishing has arrived

It’s been a long wait folks, but we can finally get out Lingcod fishing.

This guide actually prefers Lingcod over Halibut. Its light flaky white flesh takes on whatever flavor you wish to add to it.

My favorite way to cook it is to tempura batter it.

But you can also bake it or pan fry it and add lemon butter.

Simple and fresh is always the best.

Not only am I a master guide, but I’m a retired master chef of over 20 years as well.

So not only do I catch them, but I can cook them too.

It’s one of the highlights and advantages we hold over our competitors.

It’s nice to be able to say that your guide is a master chef with a five Diamond rating under his belt as he prepares a mouthwatering seafood dish right from boat to plate. You just can’t beat the freshness and the flavor.

There are many methods for catching Lingcod.

Just like Halibut fishing, you can anchor up for them and use a variety of bait or you can troll with a spoon or a swim tail from Light House Lures.

To avoid catching Yellow Eye where there are zero retention limits for them, we highly recommend the swim tails as both Halibut and Lingcod will hit them.

Remember that your Lingcod must be a minimum size of 65cm and there is a two per day maximum with a maximum of four in position in our area.

Please view DFO regulations for the specific area and retention limits.

Always double check before you go out to make sure there hasn’t been an in-season change to your favorite fish. So until next time folks, tips up and tight lines and keep on fishing!

Steven Cahill is a Field Tester for Gibbs Delta Tackle, Oki Tackle, Pesca Lures and freelance writer as well as Owner of Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters located in Port McNeill


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